Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wham-Bam like the pic says dis iz teh good part NOT! Now my other half has gotten what I have. And he is Not happy camper. Men just do not take being sick nicely. He is mumbling it is all my fault, like I wished this on him. Well I didn't. Because now I must here about it, and pretty much jump when he moans he needs something.
Guess what goes around comes around lol. So tomorrow I will call and get him on some meds, since right now he is sharing mine. And I certainly plan on taking all the antibiotics, because I am tired of being sick. Today even though my head is still stuffed, ears are humming and I am coughing I went outside and cleaned the barn. It was only about 18 degrees, but atleast sunny so it actually wasn't too bad. Plus the boys needed to get outside and burn off energy. I just love seeing them running through the snow kicking up their heels. The loved rolling in it too. I cleaned both their stalls, hauled fresh water and even cleaned up the goose and duckies stall. Their water was frozen so I refilled with fresh semi-warm water. And when I came back they had played in it and ended up knocking it over. So I had to fill it again. They will be happy when the weather warms up so the can go back to swimming in the creek and our neighbors pond.
I noticed also today some scrub brush around the creek is turning red, which means spring is coming, one can dream! The feeders have been up since Nov. but we haven't had too many birds, but this has changed since the other night of snow. The next post will chat you up on this. Smile, must go feed the wood stove and keep the hubby warm. =^..^=


  1. Sorry you got a cold. Hope you feel better very soon !!!

  2. Sorry to hear you and the other half are not feeling well. Let him know it wasn't you, it is in the air and if his body is "ready for it" he gets it. :/ That said, wish we had some of that snow here, feels weird not having snow yet...


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