Friday, January 13, 2012

Bam!!! The new year started off shitty. In the first time in more years then I can remember I got a chest cold. So I went and got antibiotics which helped, since without I usually end up with bronchitis. My having asthma seems to make things worse. Well as that was clearing up I felt it moving into my sinus and Bam woke up one morning with such pressure and not being able to breathe. Picture a little kid with that yummy greenish-yellow stuff coming out of their noses. Well that is me! And Bam the next day I wake with an ear ache, so called the doctor back up and got a different antibiotic for these symptoms. All I seem to do is wheeze, blow my nose, sniffle, cough and my hearing sounds like it is muted. I hear the sound of a sea shell in my ear. Bam----Year is not starting off great. And now we are finally having winter, and cold temps, which makes chores so much more fun. I can only guess what lies in store for the rest of the year.
I finally got pictures download from my camera into my computer and will be posting them, even though they were from this past fall. I know just alittle slow, hey that comes with age. The picture here is of Stuey I took one night when we were sitting and playing dice. I looked up through my plant on the tabel and saw him looking back, just had to snap him.
I hope everyone else out there feels better then I do, wouldn't wish being this sick on my worse enemy. Well just maybe. Smile


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