Saturday, January 22, 2011

How do you spend your time in the winter, how much time is spent outside. I thought of that today as I walked to the barn carry a five gallon bucket of water. I make two trips, getting too old to carry both at the same time. We are in a deep freeze with todays temp around five degrees ans minus wind chill. I do not mind the cold, actually breathe better. But the wind makes a brisk day seem downright bitter!!!!. Then I come inside and here we have minus temps. I am not one to bundle-up either. Usually sweats, a vest (open) and that's it. No gloves or hat, jacket or scarf. But these last few days I will admit it was cold doing chores. We wonder sometimes if we should just sell the boys, but then one or the other will do something, which makes it worth while. Tonight as I was pulling the grain buckets I turned to face "Oreo" my appy and he gave my chin and cheek a long swipe with his tongue. Imagine being kissed by a thousand pound dog!!! I just love my boys. Smile and snuggle !!!

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  1. Brrrrr....too cold for me. I'm hunkered down until spring.