Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cold-dark-dreary-bitter-brisk-windy-blowing-drifting-snow-sleet-hail-rain-depressing-dreadful-take your breathe away cold-blinding white-sparkling-crisp-crackling-crunchy-crispy kritter night-clean-slush-ugly grey-sunless-sunshine-quiet-ice-slipping-sliding- An Erie, PA. winter. What did you think I was talking about SMILE =^,.^=


  1. I live with RAIN. It's either drippy, drizzly or pouring but either way, it's always wet, moist, liquidy.

    The sun is hiding. The moss is growing. The birds are singing though. I need to refill their feeders and suets but it's too wet.

    There's something wrong with having to do that with your raincoat on and getting so so wet.

    Hope you have a warm fire and lots of room in your house. I'm assuming you've let all the animals in for a bit to warm up.

  2. Some 200 miles south of you and we're pretty much the same. It's been a long winter.