Sunday, January 16, 2011

Winter is playing her games. First a thaw, which gave us temps in the sixties. Oh but short lived, two days of repreave.....Now we are in the deep freeze it seems.... She has blowing and drifting lake effect snow.....She reaches her icy fingers deep into your lungs and sucks your breath away.....She stings your face, freezes your toes.....She is unrelenting in her punishment of the body and soul.....Horses come out only to blow the "stink" off then right back into their stalls.....Cats chase any bird daring enough to go into the barn, for shelter.....We trudge through it all to fed and water and clean then back into the house where a fire is waiting to greet us.....And the icicles that have formed are daggers waiting for anything or one to step under them.......Smile

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