Tuesday, November 2, 2010

FALL!!! seems like it is almost over. We had a hard, killing frost last night. This morning it almost looked like the dreaded "snow" word outside. Crap!!!! I am sitting here finally blogging and I am Freezing, and it isn't winter yet. Hib says what will you do then. Right now he is outside cutting grass, hopefully for the last time. He is doing it so we can drive across the yard to get the hay into the barn. We have put off getting the hay for too long, and now must do it before the snow flies. Which may be Friday. Hope they are wrong. Took us longer then we thought to repair the back of the house, tear-out the back porch and steps and put them on the west side of house, hoping this solves the ice on steps problem in winter.

All the loads of wood are split and stacked in the wood shed, that was a project, in itself. All the plants are inside, and leaves are falling daily. I just am waiting on the dahlias, elephant ears and cannas to die so I can pull and store for next year. Plus I have do repot some ivy to come inside. Never ends as I am already planning next years gardens and plants I want to buy. Onluy good thing is each year I buy less, which makes hub. happy.
The header picture was taken late last summer just thought it was pretty and decided to use it, I will change to a more fall-like picture soon. Just want the season to last alittle longer.


  1. I'm with you on that, wish fall would just stay awhile longer. We had wet s-n-o-w on Sunday, which mercifully didn't last long, but still....

    Both the header and post photos are wonderful; I really love the one of the sky.

  2. Hi... it's November now! Really quick! Wish the year will not end so soon :/

    *Have a nice day*

  3. Beautiful! Saw your picture on TV. Good PR for Beaver Center for a change! Heather

  4. That is a glorious sky! I am trying to get caught up on the yard work, too! I had to take a couple of weeks out of that, because I fell and hurt both my hands! But now I can get back to it, providing it stops raining...