Sunday, November 7, 2010

I was lucky to get my sunset photo on our local TV channel's weather segment. Not just once but three different weather segments. My hub. saw the second one, my neighbor caught one and my friend saw the last time it was on. Two of the weathermen sent me e-mails on the photo also. I was the one who never got to see it on TV, or hear what they had to say about the clouds in the photo.
The photo I sent in is the one on the previous post. I have one for Indian summer I am going to send again and see if they will use it. I wonder how many people I know actually saw it?
Tomorrow starts I think a week of Indian Summer. Seeing as this past week was cold, dreary, damp and depressing. We had rain, snow and hail plus our third killing frost. So we need a break. I will pull up the perennial buld and tubers, dry and set away. Then take all the dirt out of the planters and put into huge buckets to use next year. Then we will take down on Thurs. the awning on the deck, which really signals sitting outside time has wound down. Now we sit inside on the porch or in the dining-room, and enjoy ourselves inside.
Smile =^..^=