Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hard to believe but it is now Oct.!! And wet and dreary too. Yesterday we split more firewood, and still have a large pile to split. But the woodshed will be full to the top. Which means inside we will be warm and toasty.

Here Fall is knocking and my Maximillian sunflowers are just now blooming, guess they didn't get the message. Neither did my dahlias, which are blooming like crazy. I picked what few tomatoes were still good, the rest are laying there waiting to go to the compost. Hub. pulled up the stakes and plants, cut down the sunflower stalks too. I cut the heads off yesterday before the rain got to them and the goldfinches. I put them in my shed to drive, then will give some to the birds for winter. The large heads will go for next years crop. There was one that was huge and produced a huge, heavy head of seeds.


  1. Those seed heads are enormous....I would say County Fair contenders!

  2. Wow ... those do look big. Fall sure has arrived here. Dew in the mornings. I miss Summer ... I like it a lot better than my Winters.

  3. I thought the flowers in the first photo were Jerusalem artichokes! I have them too, and they spread like mad, but are so cheerful when most of the other flowers are dying off...
    Your sunflower heads are huge! I have not grown any in a few years, as the squirrels learned to cut off the whole head, and take them away!

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