Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Have had really cold shitty , windy weather. Even snow, so we put all the plants into my potting shed and some back into the house. I even dug-up four tomatoes plants and brought indoors. Weather reminded me that not yet!!!
Hubby took me again to my regular greenhouse and then to another one I had never been to. Bought another flat of petunia, some sherbet/orange colored zinnia, a purple and white martha washington geranium, roma, red, white tomatoes, green, chocolate, red banana and yellow peppers. So my buying is ALL DONE. Now just need to get things into the gardens.
I dug-up six tiny lupine plants, will share with a neighbor, also giving her lupine seeds, plus trumpet vine, hollyhock and birdhouse gourd seeds. Maybe she will retunr the favor lol.
But today is so cold, and after I did stalls I had enough, plus it is raining. We didn't have April showers but are getting plenty of May ones. Calling through atleast thurs, maybe friday, so indoors we shall be, with the stove roaring, keeping us warm. Our old bones can't handle this crap. Smile =^..^=


  1. Brrrr! We've been having pretty much the same, here in southeastern Ontario. Saw light snowflakes on Sunday AM, though they didn't stick around. Heavy frost the past several days too.

    Here in this part of Canada it's standard operating procedure to refrain from planting until after the Victoria Day holiday weekend (3rd or 4th Monday in May depending on the calendar), to ensure we're past the risk of frost. A lot of folks planted early, though, because the weather had been so good.

    I do hope all your plants survive this temporary weather set-back!

    And I hope temps warm up SOON, for us all!

  2. I am so sorry. I put out some plants but normally after May 1st or so ... we don't get a frost.

    My d who goes to college in NY had snow over the weekend and that was right after she'd had very warm Summer like weather.

    Crazy this weather ... isn't it

    Hope you warm up very soon

  3. We had frost a couple of days ago. They sages say that Mother's Day is a good bet to start planting the delicate annuals. I always wait until after the 24th of May. Corn, onion sets, lettuce, radishes and peas are in.