Monday, April 26, 2010

April showers are finally here, so far it has been exceptually dry. So we needed the rain but I say enough. I want to get back outside and continue hoeing out my flower gardens. This year I am ridding myself of flowers I don't want, and replacing with new. They sit in my front window and in my potting shed just waiting for warmer nights. Have a few weeks more to go I think. But right now I need to be content with just buying more and more. I need two more three more grapevines, a flat of petunias and my pepper and tomatoe plants. And anything new that is either orange or purple lol.

Hubby fixed my purple wheelbarrow, and my large wooden pot both will be filled with flowers. I hauled out the other large pots and need to fill all with dirt and manure. Back breaking work, but he will help. He also has to put in the three 4x4 posts and wire for the vines. He was disappointed to hear it will be a few years before he sees any homemade jam. Patience isn't his thing.

Still waiting for the hummers and orioles to reappear but nothing yet, nightly I do hear a catbird or thrasher singing his beautiful song, just can't see where he is in the trees yet. But I will. We have also been seeing a pair of bald eagles flying over head which is so cool...Smile


  1. That is a very pretty flower - I hope it warms up for you soon. I know here it is usually not considered truly safe from frost until after May 15, but I don't even know if that is the case anymore.

  2. We worked all weekend and my jungle still looks like a jungle. I have plants on my porch and just came inside ... from walking around the front yard looking for places to add a bit of color. I wish I was better at this yard ... wooded yard ... stuff.

  3. back breaking work is very much part of the outdoors, isn't it. Enjoying your posts of life with you..