Thursday, April 22, 2010

Last few days have been productive ones even though as I write this I am so pooped out!!! All worth it in the end. Garden by the deck is tilled (hub did this) I raked it all out and set out where the tomatoe cages will go. This garden will hold tomatoes and peppers. The large garden had more dirt put into it. Next comes loads of manure, then tilled and raked it will then be ready. I potted six plants I bought and these will go onto the deck when danger of frost subsides. I reworked a side garden under our bedroom window. Got rid of old mums and some vines, plus dug out three lupine which hopefully will survive and be placed elsewhere. I dug up two roses and moved into this garden. Plus will plant a purple and an orange plox (spelling) lol. there are lupines and lilies there too. We mark where the poles will go for my grape vines too. Trimmed the trumpet vines and the butterfly bush also. So today was a good earth day all around. Smile

Tomorrow is running and grocery day. Will stop at the green house for - you guessed more flowers. Check when the tomatoes I ordered will be ready too. I have white salad tomaotes and yellow romas picked out. Love new ones.

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  1. You have been a busy bee ...
    I now need to write down all the names you mentioned. Your yard/gardens must be gorgeous.

    I bought two azaleas and one mini rhody for the front yard. The fruit stand ... my local fruit & veggie store ... had pansies & geraniums. I bought just a couple of those.

    You need to take pics for me ... I live through others don't ya know.

    How are the cats and was it ducks in the barn or was it a goose ?