Monday, May 24, 2010

I haven't blogged in quite awhile, either on Facebook or outside trying to get everything into the gardens. Slowly making progress. Would be done sooner but I keep buying flowers and plants. This I admit is my passion, I never have enough. And my back and knees are telling me I need to cut-back!!! But maybe next year. I have all the houseplants outside on the deck, They are in huge pots and it takes two to lift out the door. All the flowers are potted and in their spots on the deck. Large pots by the stairs are filled with dirt, have elephant ears, a veriety of sunflowers, purple potatoe vines, and soon cosmos in them. Filled my purple wheelbarrow with dahlias and some ivy, need hub to help bring it onto the deck. Garden in front of the deck has two different purple petunia in the front, followed by green, banana, red, yellow and chocolate peppers. Then the tomatoes, yellow. white and red slicing and black beauties. Along the side of the deck hopefully tomorrow I will get the giant sunflower seeds plants. The side garden along the driveway is finished too. The garden then runs along the side and front of the house is being finished slowly. Today I broke-up the ground and got rid of the few weeds coming up among the yarrow, roses, lupines, creeping phlox and gerbera daisy. Then planted more purple petunia and sweet pea. Now I move onto the front part which is going to be a back breaker due to all the weeds coming up among the lilies, lazy susan, grasses, purple phlox, yarrow, daisy and hollyhocks! The main veggie garden needs to be retilled but still too wet to do it. This will have three types of beans, corn, broom corn, green peppers, and roma tomatoes, plus carrots and red cabbage. In tires will go cukes and bird house gourds. Man I will be glad when it is all done. I have noticed that the two frosts we got this month did a number to alot of my shrubs and trees, the azaleas have flowers no leaves, hostas have mushy leaves, locust dried uip leaves, no flowers on my lilacs and a rhododendron has only a few leaves, a very rough winter and early spring. Smile

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  1. Wow it sounds like you have such a wonderful garden! We have only a few plants at our place - some in back that were there when we moved in, and hostas in the front. We just don't get the sun needed for any pretty flowers, so I don't really plant anything anymore (I am the one who had to take care of that stuff, and it just made me sad that none ever did well).