Monday, February 1, 2010

Quite awhile back I posted on how through the years many different animals have stopped here at the Rustic for a visit. While looking at some old pictures taken with a camera that actually uses film, I came across this picture. So I took a picture of a picture using my digital camera. We called around to see if anyone knew who would own a fox. We knew he belonged to someone because he was wearing a harness. Plus the fact that it came running over to my hubby and was so happy to be petted. I was alittle leary ( me the animal lover) all I could think of was could it be rabid. But he wasn't just tame and very hungry. So into the shed he went with food, water and hay while we searched. A few days later a neighbor called and said a friend of theirs knew a couple who had lost their pet fox. Lived inside their trailer with them. Can't see how because whew talk about having a musky odor. I would have kept him but for this fact. Years after he left when it rained the shed still had that order. He was cute though. I thought so this is what a silver fox starts out looking like before he turns silver, and you know they make fur coats out of.

Now would you believe I took a roll of film to Walmart to be developed, 1 hr. service. I was informed they do not do that any more. Only in store digital.. George is like your film is antique. So now I have to find a place or somewhere I can mail it to get it developed. It has been so long I do not even know what is on it lol.


  1. That's cool. Making the fox a pet. Didn't know about the smell ...

    I follow a blog about a coyote ...

  2. Nice shot....and, btw, I will be 52 tomorrow.

  3. I have never heard of a fox as a pet. I bet they do stink.