Friday, February 5, 2010

Warning - Winter is back again this weekend!! So stuck inside we will be. Yesterday as I was sitting at the counter I heard a BANG at the picture window in the living room. Asked Hub. did a bird hit it again and he replied yes. A few mintures later I walked into the room and saw "Kia" just staring down towards the ground her tail just flying back and forth. I figured the bird must still be alittle loopy from hitting the window. So I went over and took a look. Wish I would have taken my camera because there on the ground holding a bird in its talons was a hawk. She looked up at me and took flight with bird in hand. So I tried to figure out which type it was and came up with a Coopers Hawk. So even as I feed the birds they in turn sadly feed others. From what I could tell it was a starling going after the suet cakes, just glad it wasn't a fancy bird; like the red-bellied woodpecker to the left.


  1. The world can do with one less Starling. Save the Woodpeckers, though.