Saturday, January 30, 2010

Stuey-Gizzie-Kia & Simba's Sweet Friends Award

We were given this award today from our cousin "Noll" at . We must now list ten things that make us happy and try and do atleast one of these today.
1. Chase each other through the house.

2. Eat as much cat nip as we can.

3. Jumping up on the counter waiting for the "fancy feast" in the morning

4. Playing with our toy mousies and Stuey's binkie.

5. Getting as many naps in the sunshine as possible.

6. Getting to go outside in the dog pen.

7. Watching the birdies in the window.

8. Cuddling with mom and dad on the bed, when it's cold.

9. Kneading on mom's lap.

10. Getting a whole lot of love from mom.

We managed to do numbers 1.-3.-4.-5.-7.-9. and 10. We are very happy kitties.

Now I must tag ten bloggers that make me happy, but may not have that many, but here goes.
1. JC at either Lilacs & Cats or Sagebrush & Sails. or
2. Catherine at A Gardener in Progress.
3. Webster at haltstopforgetrelax.
4. Misha at The world according to misha.
5. The Kitty City Gazette.
6. Darlene at Darlene's Days.
I hope I did this right, if not send me your correct blog address.


  1. Thanks Dar, Stuey, Gizzie, Kia and Simba and I will try to get My fur balls to admit to their happiness. They so try to keep it under wraps.

  2. Thank you
    I love your ten ...