Monday, January 25, 2010

We got alittle flooded today, but we are used to it. Not like the first few times when the water flowed over it's banks. We know that within a day the water will have receded. This was the view from the dog's little deck looking east. To the right in the middle of the photo you can see where the creek flows under the bridge. Then around the bend. But when it floods it flows straight through our wild-life area. Our east side yard/ wild-life area goes to the open field you see in the photo. From the road the footage is around 350' deep. This is where we have kept things natural. Today the water was up flowing through the dog's pen about ten feet. But it recedes, it always does. The photo is almost picture-like except for the fence lol. Will post the same photo later, I added alittle color, don't know which I like better.