Sunday, January 24, 2010

They lied! said the temps today would be in the 50's but only managed 44. Better then nothing I guess. But with that came rain, rain and more rain through tomorrow. Even have a flood warning out. Plus we have heavy fog, which doesn't help my asthma. I hate when the humidity gets high, then I feel like someone is standing on my chest. That is what we get for living where we do. When we first moved here 24 almost 25 years ago a neighbor said they called Beavercenter "frog town" due to all the rain etc. But now things are alittle drier, but not come spring. Mud twon is more like it!!

Good thing is the snow has really melted. So we can only hope that the remainder of the winter is snowless, more or less.

Tomorrow another week start, last one of Jan. Then Feb. can warmer days be far behind. I am itching to drag out the deck furniture, figure out where pots will go on the deck, but must hold off the urge. One thing I have done is gone through two catalogs and marked what I want to buy. Need to add up and see what the damage will be before I say "this is what I am getting in the way of plants" Atleast they will be plants which will grow in zone five.
This picture is of coneflowers in the front garden, before all the heavy snow, ice and birds mashed them down. Now it is all ugly out there with seed, broken stems etc. Oh my fingers itch to get into dirt. Smile


  1. You're in PA and you're thinking about dragging out deck chairs?! You're in serious denial. You guys get way more snow than Southeast Michigan so how can you be thinking planting and deck chairs?!!

  2. Ha got snow and I don't ;)