Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Here is the photo from the previous post, with alittle color added. Makes it not so dreary. And wouldn't you know water has gone done, but we are going to snap back into the cold again, highs only in the 20's, lows teens and with wind chill brrrrrrrr.
I know when I did chores tonight I wasn't prepared for winter's blast. My fingers were freezing as was my nose. Only had a vest over my sweat shirt and the wind cut right through me.
They also say it will get gusty tonight into tomorrow, coming from the west. This means our bedroom will feel cold!!!! Another blanket on the bed for awhile.
So with Ground Hog Day coming up bet we get six more weeks of winter!!! I have always wondered about that, seeing as if he sees his shadow or not it will still be six more weeks of official winter. smile

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