Friday, January 15, 2010

Here is Stuey resting after a busy morning of bird watching! They are sitting there ready and primed to strike at the first light of dawn. Too bad for them there is a pane of glass to prevent them reaching they target. But the birds have to be on their guard from the outside ones, but luckly they are more or less safe from them, because right now with their winter weight on they can not jump too high. So they are happy sitting under the bushes and just watching them, and once spring arrives the feeders come down, and the hummingbird feeders go up around the back deck. And so far they are just to fast for my kitties.


  1. What a nice snooze in the window. A cat needs a break from bird watching.

  2. That's a cute pic ...
    Looks like you have a window seat for him ^,,^

  3. I would love to tickle that floofalicious belly.