Thursday, January 14, 2010

In a previous post I told of how I would be lost without my horses. My sis commented that we must be different because she prefers her cats, along with the comment you can't fall off a cat. No but you can fall over, get tripped-up, lose your balance when one darts from no where and goes between your legs etc. So you could fall and say break a arm, hip etc. Oh I forgot you have staris so they could send you crashing down them too!!!! But I do love my cats too, all ten of them, and my two huskies along with my horses. Smile

Also I sent you the address by e-mail sis but here it is again

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  1. I liked my Dad's horses but I love my cats & dogs. I wouldn't mind having some land some day & saving a few horses. I'd need help taking care of them though ... the feet thing ... that's for the pros.

    Since I will probably never have land ... I will just donate to rescue groups instead.