Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wordless Wednsday


  1. It's Wednesday and you isn't talkin' so you did goods wif you's promise!

    PeeEss: We don't fink that the doggy looks too happy☺

  2. Don't tell me you adopted another animal ...

    (you asked on my blog is I'd gotten that kitty yet. No, I haven't. I tried on Tuesday but they only let you inside the room from 6-8 pm on weekdays. So, I looked at her from outside. She was napping. I'm super busy this week with Bella having her surgery this Thursday. I might be able to go tonight but if not maybe on Saturday. Only we are super busy ... )

  3. My neighbor said she saw a show that chronicled the story of these two. They are very tight. The dog will actually look for his friend when he isn't around.