Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Well summer is gone , fall is heading downhill so I thought I would post a pic of one of the cannas that actually bloomed for me. It didn't bloom until late Sept. into early Oct. I have had bad luck with them, so I saved the tubers and will try one more year. But will not buy those or elephant ears next year. Have managed between the rainy, crappy days and the warm, sunny days to get everything done outside. Today I finished up the last few things. I just want to collect a few more seeds, and store them.
Now I turn to all the plants inside. Yesterday I took potting soil and went around adding to which ever pot needed it. Gizzie follwed behind and helped by playing in the dirt, sending it all over the place! Atleast he doesn't use them as litter boxes, just slepps in the larger ones.
We have all our wood split and stacked for I hope will not be a long hard winter. Last year was hard with 142 inches of snow...They say it should be milder here, one can only hope.
So for all of you out there enjoy what nice days are left, soon we will be house bond!!! More tim for blogging Smile


  1. Hello, thank you for popping by my blog, lovely to hear from you and get the chance to find you too! I too, have been working outside on our allotment and garden too. Feline boys join me in our garden but are watched for attempts to explore beyond the garden walls. I loved your update on your Cannas. How do you over winter them? I tried but only have a small greenhouse, wrapped them in their pot in fleece but they rotted. Have a house of plants... orchids the most fragile. Loved your pictures and animals, especially that dear 'fuzzy bundle of energy!'
    Helen, D&B.... PS. we will be back...