Thursday, October 29, 2009

I was asked by a follower how I wintered my canna tubers. I have tried many times each different with no luck. Tried leaving in the ground, nothing, tried digging-up and putting in a cool spot, turned to mush, tried drying then putting into peat moss which I read was how to store them, again mush. So this year I dug them up, am letting them dry, then bringing them inside and putting into a mesh bag and letting them hang in a cool, dry, dark spot. So hopefully I will have some next spring, but I won't count on it. I have a green thumb and can grow almost anything. But when it comes to bulbs or tubers no such luck for more then one season. Oh and I love orchids, got one and killed it! Would love a greenhouse, but not in the cards anytime soon. So everything is in the house. Even brought in a few petunias, pampas grass, geraniums and a pampas grass., also heliotrope and gerba daisies. So we shall see. Smile


  1. The flowers are gorgeous. Sorry you have such trouble with bulbs and tubers. I mostly have a brown thumb, but I can grow really simple things sometimes.

  2. I tried to save all my flowers .. in my younger years ... but now I just wave good bye and plan for the next year.

    Let us know, if they do survive !!!

    Happy Almost Halloween to you & your Purr Gang

  3. Have you looked up info on the Internet? It might tell you the best way although I think the mesh bag will work (I did that before). Happy Halloweenie Sista! Pinch Geo for me and give the kitties a tight squeeze ;)