Friday, July 24, 2009

Here is my unusual hibiscus. The guy at the nursery called it a poodle tail lol. I bought it because of the color.

Whew will we ever have summer where you can leave all the windows and doors open at night? Rain, rain and more rain is what we have gotten instead. Only good thing it helps you weed and hoe gardens, which I did for three days. Now my back is screaming enough. Tomorrow hub wants to move some wood up to the wood shed to be cut up and split. He spent the last three days restacking the wood shed with wood that was on pallets on the outside so now it is almost full. Will probably only need on trailer full from Jeff!


  1. We've had a cold, dark and wet summer. My gardens that surround my property all look like orphans who haven't had enough love or food. No matter what I do, they aren't going to be the jungle they were last year. You're not alone...

  2. That is a gorgeous flower! I can see where it gets its does resemble a poodle tail ;)