Friday, July 24, 2009

Here are Gertie & Whitie trying to invade my garden, they are so bad. They also were pooping on the driveway which made George sooooooooooo mad! He is threatening to throw something at them or shoot them. I told them they are on the driveway for the warmth. He is like "right", then tells me to clean it up. I laugh and walk away hehe. Tell him they can't help themselves only dumb birds............ ;-)

Well imagine my surprise when George informed me they made it into the garden and used the corn as a giant hide-away/bed. All the corn was laying down with a big opening in the center. So we spent a few hours picking them up and putting in T-posts and stringing them up in their rows! Then he roped off the entire garden, I straightened the pepper plants and petunias.

As long as the corn comes back, since they were six feet tall, and flowering and even a few tassles. I hope so because this is a new type of corn for me. Called Ruby King, as the name implies it will be red sweet corn. ;-(

Please excuse the garden picture the one with the goose isn't loading for me. Again the garden picture isn't loading so pics will follow.

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