Saturday, March 28, 2009

Finally I think we are headed in the right direction. Tonight while sitting outside on the deck you could hear the spring peepers. What a joyous sound. So now the birds sing in the daylight hours and the frogs, toads and peepers are singing in the evening hours. Sounds of spring everywhere. George has been doing fix-ups inside so I got the bug too. Been cleaning stuff out and pitching what I feel we don't need. Today I went up into the attic and pulled a bunch of boxes and bags down and went through them. When I was done only one box will go back upstairs. Amazing what we accumulate in 24 years!!! Some stuff will go on the tree lawn with a "free" sign. Just don't need all the stuff, I like to downsize every few years. I even gave the dogs a new quilt on their couch! Soon I will tackle the kitties room in the barn. Spray for fleas and sweep and vaccum and give them fresh blankets too. Oh Spring cleaning - it feels so good after this long winter!!!!! SMILE!!!

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