Monday, April 6, 2009

Have been trying to post for a few days, but it seems to not save. So here I go again! The saying goes April showers bring May flowers. My question is what about snow showers! We are heading back into Winter, she just doesn't want to release her hold on us. While the weather was warm and sunny I did manage to really brush out the two boys. And all those of you who have horses can attest to this time of year is all about horse hair-dust-dirt and mud, everywhere. Especially if you are short like myself, you are getting a face full. But they appreciated it. They are shedding out quite nicely.
I am seeing more signs of spring, and hearing them too. Now during the day you can hear all the birds, then at night come the peppers, frogs and toads singing. but with the cold and snow they will again burrow into the mud and remain still. But once the weather warms back up everything will again be singing to their heart's content.
I also managed to get rid of boxes of stuff from the attic, I found what appears to be a pressure cooker, will have to ask Heather if she could use one. She is my neighbor, who does all sorts of baking, cooking etc from scratch. I would never can meat, but I think she does this too, so maybe it can be put to good use.
Well spring is here and hopefully once we get past this week it will warm up-----SMILE!

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