Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Oh to have the life of my cat "Lovie". Nothing to do but lay around, catch the occasional mouse/mole and play with his siblings.
Today almost felt like Spring, but there is still the nip in the air, but atleast now they call for rain and not snow!!!!
My inside kitties even got to go outside for a breath of fresh air in the dog pen/ kittie play area. It is 30' x 50' plenty of room to run. They really enjoy it , all you have to say is "Go outside" and they come running.
Well in a few days I will get another year older, but I told hubby no cake too fattening. But instead buy me more plants, trees etc. Today I got more elephant ears to plant, they will go in with the cannas I have already gotten. I have a deck and around this will go sunflowers, cosmos and petunias, plus the cannas and elephant ears in large containers along with some pampas grass. The deck gets all the indoor plants and trees. See I am anxious for warmer weather. So everyone smile real hard and maybe it will get here sooner then later!

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