Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I have been collecting Hallmark Keepsake ornaments since early 1980's. Here is the almost complete one of a series called "Frosty and Friends". I missed 1980, because we didn't know it was a series, and then 1983 because money was tight. Oh to find them now, last year I looked and the 1983 one was worth between $300 - $400, for one ornament. Dang!!!! But I can hope one day to get them. I started collecting them because there was a husky as one of the friends. And since this is the only breed of dog we have ever had, it stood to reason I would want to collect them lol. I also have tons of other Hallmark ones that each are dear to me. Hubby says a small fortune in ornaments. SMILE..... I know I am.


  1. I collect Hallmark ornaments too - I just love to get them every year. I have a bunch of the different collections, including this one, but mine don't go back anywhere close to that far! There are a bunch there I recognize though. I started because my dad used to get my mom one every year, and then I did too. After she passed away we kept it up and I expanded the number I got (I have a picture of our tree full of Hallmark from a few years back on our blog right now a few posts from the top - we haven't had it up the past couple years because I keep wanting to wait till the kittens get a bit older, but then each year we have a new kitten - but I still keep getting the ornaments!!)

  2. The photo looks really great. nice when u see some funny pics, with cats. !