Sunday, July 11, 2010

Haven't blogged in awhile, been doing alot outside and spending time with my niece. She is here for three months interning at our local hospital. A doctor in the family - who knew!!!! So proud. So when she gets home we do things together as I haven't seen her in more then three years. We play cards and old board games I bought in the late 70's and early 80's. Plus we walk every night. Not fun when we have 80's and 90's and the deer flies just buzz you all the time. This year is about the worse that I can remember, they attack even up by the house. Usually they stay by the woods edge, and when we walk the road is surrounded by woods. Garden is doing quite well but the larger one is not so great. Always next year. I also have noticed we do not have as many hummingbirds as previous years, only a handful compared to the 20-30 at a time. But alot of orioles, woodpeckers, chick-a-dees, cat birds, crows and barn swallows. Not alot of bats either. Smile!!! Oreo's big nose taken by my sista Kareen from Noll's Nip


  1. Hi...we don't have many hummers either. I think Hurricane Ike has had something to do with the hummers' decline; it came during their fall '08 migration. We have only seen two this year.

  2. A very cute nose. I used to take care of my Dad's two horses. Thus, I like them ...

  3. I love this photo! Horses are so big that it is hard to get a really interesting photo of them, but your sister did this time!
    Good luck with the surgery!!! And speedy recovery!