Friday, June 18, 2010

Today is yard work, etc. Takes us hours- days. Plus my daily watering of the plants on the deck, with the heat and sun they dry out fast.
In a week my niece will be here to start her interning at our local hospital. She will stay with us for three months, which will be interesting. She is going for her masters in Occupational therapy. A real live doctor in the family!!!
On another note I think my old goose "Gertie" has passed away. She left two weeks ago with the two families of canadian geese and her female loner canadian. Well two days ago they all came back except for Gertie. I can only hope she finds her way home or passed on peacefully. She was a fixture here for the last 24 years, she was atleast 25 years young. We are waiting for you old girl.
My garden is pretty much a bust, except for the peppers and tomatoes, and a few red cabbage and some beans, all the rain. I have some bean seeds left and will try putting them in. I finally got dirt/manure to fill the tires so I could plant the cuke seeds. Luckly they only take 55 - 58 days. And with the price of a dollar a piece in the stores I hope I get a bunch. I am a salad eating, could eat everyday, but the prices are outrageous. Nothing is cheap these days.
Well everyone Smile and enjoy the start to what I hope will be a pleasant summer.


  1. How exciting to have your neice visiting.
    Sorry about Gertie. She lived a long time and I'm sure you fed her well.

    I'm off tomorrow morning for Hawaii. 25th anniversary gift to each other. I might be able to be the puter .. don't know yet.

    It's officially Summer at my house. Son is out of school and H is on vacation. And, it was sunny today.

    New pet sitter comes in to take care of the cats. Took the dogs to the kennel a bit ago.

    Mew at you later,
    JC ^,,^

  2. Oh no! Gertie!!!! I hope she's OK.