Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Well the rains came yesterday!!! More like a flash flood. Was rushing through our place but as always today it is almost back down to normal. But we didn't escape without some damage, especially in our wild life area. The wall of scrub brush, branches etc was washed farther into the woods, it will be too hard to move back. But we found alot of cut up chunks of oak that someone must have cut. Well it will get split and used here. Found a basket ball in the wall too, I will give this to Ozzie and see if he can pop it. (my horse)

All the garden was put in on Sat. then we got all the rain, and now it is flooded, need some ditches like hubby wanted to put in and I said don't bother. So now I hear "your garden is ruined! all the corn and carrot seeds will have drowned" Not to mention the cabbage and pepper plants, I can never win for losing.

But the garden by the deck with all the fancy tomatoes and peppers are fine. Today I need to repot orange new quinea impatients and purple petunias., Plus fill two huges pots so I can put in cosmos in one and sweet pea and a cardinal climber in the other. By the way Kareen here is a photo of my picasso petunias, neat huh!


  1. Wow those are very cool looking petunias - I have never seen any that color before. They remind me of watermellon (mostly watermellon candy because the center is so bright pink). It is too bad the rain came and washed out the stuff you had just finished - I would have been like you though and said not to worry about it. And then the same thing would have happened to my garden with the rain I am sure.

  2. I like that petunia.
    Sorry you put in all that work and got flooded.
    We've had rain for over two weeks so I haven't done anything but container flowers.
    Hope your horse enjoys the ball.

  3. Neat! Sorry about the garden. We had a lot of rain too and I was keeping my fingers crossed that it wouldn't flood.

  4. Hi Darlene,

    Lovely photo, hope your garden can be rescued/planted again.
    Have a good day.