Thursday, June 3, 2010

The last post I said I was planting a cardinal vine my mistake it is called a cyprus vine. Didn't get the flowers planted because we had another round of heavy downpours! Hubby dug a trench to help drain the veggie garden seemed to help, but the next round of rain flooded it even more. And today as I was going to go outside, since they called for no rain guess what it rained again. Getting old. And forget about grass cutting sloshing through water isn't fun. Even the geese and their goslings are staying on higher ground, don't want to be swept downstream!!! But still smiling lol


  1. You have geese ... awe !!!
    I know what you mean about still smiling. I've had rain for almost three weeks now. If there's even a touch of sun, I'm thrilled. And, today that's what I have ... sun & a bit of a smile. Course the Snowshoe Siamese is being quite entertaining today ... that's also why I'm having a good day.

  2. You know it's too wet when the ducks and geese are tired of it!