Thursday, March 11, 2010

Here is a photo of a truc that is painted to show what is on the inside that it is carrying. Pretty cool.
Well blogging is so old school, that is what I just read in the paper. No it is Twitter and Facebook!! Just figure out this blogging and now they say hey get with the new!!! Well I am OLD and will stick to what I know. But truthfully I do have a Facebook page too.
Today was another beautiful day with highs in the 60's. So we actually sat out on the deck. Listened to all the birds we haven't heard from all winter. They were so happy singing their songs. Hubby looked up an actually spotted the bald eagle that is hanging around in the Oh./Pa. area. This is so cool to have a bird that was once endangered actually coming back to this area. I hope this year to catch him on film.
I stay outside for quite a few hours, cleaned up alittle in my potting shed, but there is so much stuff stored in it I couldn't do much. But I did manage to clean out the stall "Gertie" goose has been staying in. Man hard to believe ONE bird can be so messy. But she is, especially where her bucket of water sits. She had a small pond underneath it. So I pulled out a wheelbarrow full of old wet hay. And naturally pulled my lower back in the process. So a muscle relaxer and pain pill tonight.
They say one more day before we get rain and we are already seeing the creek rising over it's banks! But Smile warmer days are here.


  1. oooch. take it easy. But tending animals is full on, I know from recent visit to farming friends. Helen

  2. Say "hello" to Gertie for me ;)

  3. Wow, have to look out for that eagle. We already had a problem with a hawk trying to get at a chicken a few weeks back! Heaher

  4. So glad that you are able to get outside for a while. It's been sort of nice here too. Cold as soon as the sun goes away though. A goose ... how silly is that. I had a deer in my yard this week which was a thrill. Haven't seen one in forever ... (sorry it took me so long to post. I missed you somehow)

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