Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Guilty of not blogging for awhile I know!!! I ran out of things to say, plus the weather gave us a break. So when it is nice outside I try and stay out as much as possible. Managed to get alot of yard and garden clean-up done. We were actually ahead of the game but WHAM cold and rainy weather is back. This is so depressing because I am getting the itch to play in the dirt. I did manage to rake out the flower gardens, cut back the grasses, and get the one veggie garden ready to be tilled.

Now it is mucky here, with puddles of water everywhere, which means the clod-hopper barn boots go back on! Was nice wearing sneakers to the barn again. And the warmer clothes are back on too. Hopefully after this week it will warm-up again.

Friday I turn another year older, and as my Mom says it will either rain or snow. She loves reminding me every year that I was born during a snow storm!!!! And when I checked the weather there is a chance of rainy/snow plus temps only near 40 BRRRRR! And getting old you sure feel it.

My house plants finally are starting to rebound after the long winter, our house is dry due to the wood stove, and with no sunlight they were dropping leaves and looking tough. But today I noticed they are turning green again and some are blooming, - star jasmine, a hibiscus and a easter cactus plus a few geraniums, so there is hope. Smile


  1. Pretty flowers...such rich colors.

  2. What beautiful Irises! There called for possibly an inch of snow here on Friday. I live near Scranton. Are you in East PA? And, Happy (almost) Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday !!!
    (I'm a bit late, I'm sure. Been busy and not keeping up on all my blogs. Esp yours.)
    My yard is a mess. I have one lone daffodil in the front yard. I got so excited.

  4. Hi sweetie.....Noll gave you an award. Stop by when you aren't farming in Farmville :)

  5. Those are lovely irises! Soon they will be blooming in the garden, not just in the computer!!

  6. Late Happy Birthday to you! Yes, I noticed your flowers popping up out at the road yesterday when we were going by!

  7. Hi,
    Came here via Webster, love the idea of living in a very rural place.
    Can imagine you love it.As I can't live somewhere like you do I will visit regularly and read your posts.
    Have a good day.
    the picture of the irisses is gorgeous thanks