Monday, January 4, 2010

Amazing is the only way to discribe these works of art. To think someone's brain said "hey let us make art from pencils!" And this is the results of their idea. There will be a few more at later posts, just thought something different to view.
By the way I was so wrong the snow has arrived and for atleast the next week there is no sign of letting up. As of this morning Springboro where I live has gotten 29" of the white stuff. Guess when it rains it pours applies to snow right now!!!
And the birds have arrived in droves - blue jays - cardinals - juncos - different types of sparrows - hairy and downy woodpeckers - red-bellied woodpeckers - gold finshes - titmice - nuthatches - morning doves. So time to keep the feeders full! SMILE


  1. You are snowed in ...
    Yikes ... makes my 18 ins last year nothing.

    And, you do have to think ... how did they think of that ...

  2. Here in Oklahoma, although we have some left over snow from Blizzard 09, and we are expecting some more (Maybe) this week...we generally do hardly get any, and I LOVE THE SNOW! I also love feeding and watching the birds.

  3. Wow, that pencil art is really fantastic. Don't get buried under all that snow!

  4. Cool art. We have had 12 inches here in the balmy south ;) I complain for every one of those inches....ha ha. Glad I don't have to drive up there (see, this is why I stay away!)