Friday, September 11, 2009

What a rough day yesterday our newest "Gizzie" had...I put drops into his ears and it really bothered him, as you can see by last night he was dragging his little butt! But today he is feeling better except as the photos show his ears are filled with mites,etc. So with a warm washcloth I have been wiping and cleaning slowly, which doesn't seem to bother him too much. I even cut his little nails, this didn't even faze him.

The best thing about Gizzie is he is a cuddle kitty, which after losing the original Gizmo last fall we haven't had. He goes between us both deciding who to spend time with, we are both getting equal time. No I just need to get him to sleep above my head on my pillow like Gizmo and my first cat Simba did. For thirty years those two slept on my pillow, first one then then next one. Told George above my head has been empty for alittle over a year and I miss have a kitty above my head. So we will see.


  1. Jasmine sleeps on my pillow.

    He is so cute !!!

  2. We hope Gizzie is all better soon and starts sleeping where he should. One of us sleeps on the bed, and the other not (because the one on the bed kind of bosses the other one and won't let her up there...hmmm). Gizzie sure is cute!

  3. Watch what you wish for....that little guy has got gas ;)

  4. Hi Gizzie, how cool you've found yourself a forever home! We saw your link over at Lilacs & Cats and wanted to say hello.
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

    P.S.: Chilli says she had bad ear mites when she came here too and they are no fun at all. The drops help much though!