Monday, September 14, 2009

We are having such progress with our newest addition Gizzie. Already playing with big brother Stuey. When they cooperate I will try and take some pictures. All you see is Stuey and Gizzie's head and maybe a paw, because Stuey is on top of him. He sleeps between us so far every night too. And when I sit in my chair he is either above my head or against my neck. Right now he is sitting on the pillow on my desk as I blog. Before he sat right in front of the screen watching the pointer and cards while I played cards. But he does act bad too! Today in Mom's room he knocked over and onto the floor a large potted plant. Dirt everywhere. He has also sent the fake flowers in a vase off the tank top of the toilet, he gets everywhere.!!!! But gotta love him, he's the baby. =^..^= smile.

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