Friday, September 4, 2009

Our place coming up the driveway, taken during my step-mom's visit. Only a month ago during the summer that wasn't! Well atleast the end of summer has been great, sunny days, cool nights. T--shirt weather during the day and sweat-shirt in the evenings. Now these days I can live with and totally enjoy. Love being outside and hearing the crickets and locus singing their swan song.

Have been finishing up the produce in the gardens. All the corn has been picked and frozen ( wasn't the best crop but more then 65 ears so can't complain). The tomatoes are off the vines, cooked up except for a card table full of ones yet to ripen. There are probably enough peppers to do up one more roaster full of stuffed peppers.

I should also strat cleaning up the deck and deciding what can get pitched and what will come inside. Will not be too hard because pretty much EVERYTHING comes inside. I have started to save petunia and cosomos seeds, will do the same with the sunflowers; as long as the goldfinch and chickadees save me some. I need to take down and tie-up bundles of corn stalks to put around the deck. Soon I will dig-up the cannas and elephant ears to try and dry and save again this year. Never seem to be able to save them no matter what method I try. So maybe next year if I decided to buy them again I may do what I originally did and plant them into a giant horse manure pile. They were huge and full of flowers, they just loved the poop! It is just if planted in this manner they would not be around the house/deck. Further away lol. SMILE


  1. So that's where you get your name ...

  2. My corn, despite its protected location, got knocked down twice and many had broken stalks. 30 ears was all we got. Usually, we average around 70-75. Birds will be getting the tiny ones that aren't developing.