Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day! And boy did I labor, whew. With my Mom's help we picked some more peppers. Which I will make stuffed peppers out of tomorrow. We then pulled up the corn stalks along the deck, I pulled and she cut the roots off. I then bundled and placed in front of the deck, ready for Fall!. Yesterday I cleaned up half of the plants on the deck, watered and next will fertilize with fish emulsion. They truly love it.

Shortly I will steam some more ears of corn to go into the freezer. They are baby sized ears of corn, but I did notice my last batch of corn is just now making ears, so more will follow I hope.

I hope everyone out there had a nice holiday weekend, for a change it was pleasant and NO rain. But I am hoping that tonight mother nature will open her arms and allow some rain to fall. We do need it.
The picture was taken by my stepmom, in Westlake Ohio. Their gardens are still in full bloom it seems. Enjoy. Smile

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