Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tonight as I was finished with chores I took my camera and was walking along our creek, I looked-up and there stood a young deer. The sun was just tree-top level and was making him appear to glow. Even though it didn't look this way on the photo. Well was I downloaded and looked it over I see it is a young button-buck. I was filled with glee! We have lived here 24 years and I have only seen a handful of bucks, does galore. But the last few years I have finally begone to see them and always on our property.

I have more to blog about but seeing as last night I only had three hours of sleep, then did a bunch of stuff outside today, and it is almost midnight I will save them for tomorrow night. Took a pill to sleep and a pain pilll so I hope no tossing and turning tonight!!!

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  1. My photos of the deer by my beach place, always come out blurry. My birthday is next Monday & I asked ... very nicely ... for a new camera.

    Riley told me he thought he heard that I was getting one ... being the kitten on birthday present patrol ... we will see

    My nerve pain has gotten better. Had to use some of my very coveted muscle relaxants. Hope your pain goes away ... I have pain pills but I don't use them often.