Friday, August 14, 2009

Here is my precious Simba, watching me as I blog. He is my up-your-butt cat. He loves following the mouse pointer on the screen.
Here is a weed we have growing in what I call our "wildlife wall". It is a stretch of anything and everything growing from trees, brush, flowers and weeds. Plus where we put all the dead brush etc. Makes places for the wild life, get it. This weed is called Poke weed. Don't know why because it doesn't poke, or prick or scratch. It is poisonous though. But is unique to look at. Plus it has a shade of purple throughout, and you all know me and the color purple! SMILE ALOT!

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  1. Cool-looking plant. Jack and Baby also want to thank you for having mom remove all ribbon and mousie tails from our apartment. Now we have one less danger in life and one less thing to go to the vet (yikes!) about.