Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hot so Hot! We are finally having the dog days of summer only we are only going to have two days of it. Today we hit 90. 20 some degrees warmer then yesterday, and oh so humid, I absolutly hate it way to muggy for me and my asthma. And wouldn't you know it is right when I am starting to can things. I picked about 15 pounds of beans which I am freezing. Peppers are getting picked as are cukes and tomatoes. Hub thought he was helping by weed-wacking by the garden, and what he thought was weeds and grass had my carrots in it. So I doubt they will grow anymore.

Had a salad the other night and picked one of the new type of peppers I bought, was called cow horn. Well I am so glad I tasted the end before I cut it up. It was so Hot I couldn't even eat it, so I will save them to go into my salsa, if the romas ever ripen. This pepper never said HOT on the tag so I figured it wasn't - NOT! Twice as hot as a jalapeno!

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  1. You now have the Hots ... we have the clouds