Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Here are some pictures of something orange, since I have been told enough purple flowers, where's the orange ones!! This is an indoor lily, that I bought 3 yrs ago at Lowes. It has bloomed every year since. It is growing pretty good since last year when I repotted it, I am wondering already how big will it grow. But for all of you out there who love my obssesion with purple there will be more to come I promise.


  1. Are you referring to moi...hee hee.

    Hey, those yellow flowers you gave me a couple years ago (used to be in your front garden). What are they? I'll be posting a photo on my gardening blog. They are looking really pretty!

  2. JC from WA recommended me to visit your blog and I am thankful her for that. Your blog is really beautiful and interesting. It is full of beautiful photos of various and lovely flowers or animals. The photos of horses are great as well as those with your cats and kitties; they are just adorable. :-)

  3. Beautiful lilly. Do you know what type it is?

  4. how cool the plant is not only alive, but blooming!

    I would of killed it by now!

    Jan :)