Wednesday, June 17, 2009

For the next few posts I want to show everyone one of my favorite hobbies - cross-stitch and counted cross-stitch. I haven't done any for a few years due to some serious eye problems, but soon I hope to be able to do them again. People have said I should sell them but because I make ones that I love to keep I never will sell any. Maybe some day they will be passed along to my niece .


  1. I used to do cross stitch but my shoulder started to give me trouble. I used to do 'things' for myself and napkins and place mats for wedding gifts ... course, that was before everyone had lists at the stores.

    I made all of our holidays stockings in needlepoint.

    Wish I could do it but I'll just remember that those were the days ... Youth !!!

  2. Yay! I want that one in my room next year, please! Haha!

  3. Your Attack Cats is really cute!!