Monday, May 25, 2009

I have finally finished my gardens, deck and veggie garden. I planted yellow, orange, slicing and roma tomatoes, green and yellow beans, two types of carrots, stuffing peppers, chocolate, red, yellow, orange, cubanella, and cor horn peppers, butter and sugar and ruby red corn, two types of cukes, two types of gourds for bird houses. Flowers I planted were 12' sunflowers, and a mixed color batch, elephant ears, three colors of cannas, orange cosmos,yarrow, dalias, morning glory,sweet pea and moon flower seeds. Orange geraniums, marigolds, double purple petunias. Plus gerbara daisys, king tut grass and pampas grass, heliotrope, a orange flower and two purple their names I can't remember, avacado trees, plus repoted most of the house plants and moved them to the deck. Now all I need to do is weed the front flower garden and plant some marigolds, yellow and purple and white petunias and I can relax. :-)

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  1. I wondered where you had wandered off to! I was thinking about you on Saturday when I photographed the little gourd birdhouse you made me years ago. I'm posting it on my gardening blog and will link the post back to your blog.