Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Here are a few pics of my boys - Ozzie & Oreo. Oz is the chestnut quarter horse, and Oreo is my appaloosa. There are my dream animals, ones I have always loved since childhood, just had to wait until I was an adult to have my own. Horses are alot of work, but like gardening I enjoy them to no end, even if it is only being with them and grooming them. I love everything about them. Don't you love the way they are grooming each other! =^..^= smile


  1. Wow ~ my Dad had two horses. I like them but fear them too. Was always afraid the Coco would kick me. I fed them, cleaned up after them, brushed them but did not ride them. I love horses though and wish I had a ranch so I could rescue a couple.

    How lucky you all are to have each other

  2. Shouldn't it be the other way around....Oz nibbling on that Oreo cookie horsie?

  3. Wow, your Appy looks very similar to my Appy! My Rosie will probably grow to look more like yours as she gets older.