Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tonight is what I call a "crispie-critter" night! By that I mean when you are walking in the snow things crunch, and any animal outside tonight would be super cold! What I call a crispie critter. The temperature is around 5 degrees right now, and by tomorrow with the wind chill they say -20 degrees. Plus they are calling for anywhere up to a foot of lake effect snow, fun. Glad we are inside and warm, even my sibes are here laying near me. It has been so cold that I haven't taken any pics of the boys playing in the snow, so this is last year's. They seem to enjoy a good romp in the snow! Tomorrow I will walk to the creek and feed the two canadian geese, they haven't come to the barn in a few days and with this cold they need some food, so off I will go. Otherwise it is the same-ol-same-ol! Everyone stay warm.

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