Monday, January 26, 2009

"Often I hear people say, 'How do you make your plants flourish like this?' as they admire the little flower patch I cultivate in summer, or the window gardens that bloom for me in the winter; 'I can never make my plants blossom like this! What is your secret?' And I answer with one word, 'Love'."
Celia Thaxter
This is where we sit and relax in the spring, summer and fall months. but right now all I can do is dream of sitting out there! Unless of course I were to take out the electric blanket and plug it in then maybe I could sit out there. BRRRRRR


  1. It is hard to believe that your pictures are true to our area at this time of year! I love how you post your headers. Oreo is so handsome!

  2. hey dar,
    awesome blog sheet....i thoroughly enjoyed seeing your neck of the woods and all your beautiful flowers....there is alot to be said for God's country and Mother's nature....i will bookmark your blog and catch up from time to time...
    take care, maureen l.(north olmsted)