Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Java and his Boo-Boo!

This is my boy Java, who I told you had a tumor removed from his paw. Well I decided to show you how it looks. Hope everyone isn't too upset by the photo. He was being really good until yesterday when I took off the wrap and let him outside. Needless to say he went to work tearing out the stitches. One on the top and one on the bottom. So I quickly rewrapped it and luckly by today it is closing up again. So until the stitches come out he will pretty much have it wrapped unless he is inside by me. Here is a tip for anyone who will have a dog who has hurt its paw and needs to go outside while keeping the wrap dry. We found taking a rubber glove with the fingers pushed up inside will work really we.. Just hold it in place with the ever useful ducktape. The rubber also helps with not slipping on the ice. So when Java need to go out I just tell him to "come here and have your bootie put on" and over he comes. I will need to take a photo of that to post.

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